• Was born 24.01.1989 in the Dnipro (Ukraine)

  • Since 2012 lives in Lviv. Works in various media: sculpture, ceramic, painting, illustration

  • Since 2018 lives in Dnipro.


  • 2012–2016 BA Lviv National Academy of Arts. Monumental and Decorative Sculpture/Lviv (Ukraine)

  • 2006–2012 BA Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Design of Architectural Environment. Dnipro (Ukraine)

  • 2015 student exchange program Eugeniusz Geppert Acaemy of Art and Design, Wroclaw (Poland) 


  • 2019 Interpipe TechFest Dnipro. (Ukraine)

  • 2018 V. Transcarpathian International Sculpture Symposium (western Ukraine)

  • 2018 5th International Sculpture Symposium, limestone, Mykolaiv, Lviv region, (Ukraine)

  • 2018 Ceramic symposium of fiery sculpture "Scythia. Scythian and I."

  • 2017 4th International Sculpture Symposium, limestone, Mykolaiv, Lviv region, (Ukraine)

  • 2017 Bukovina  International ceramics symposium (Ukraine)


  • 2017 International ceramic symposium "Dyvosvit", Malabilozerka, (Ukraine)

  • 2016 International stonecarving symposium, "Križni put",Posedarje, (Croatia)

  • 2016 International land-art symposium Mogrytsya, Sumy (Ukraine)

  • 2016 3d International Sculpture Symposium, limestone, Mykolaiv, Lviv region, (Ukraine)

  • 2016 International stonecarving symposium, "Križni put", limestone, Posedarje, (Croatia)

  • 2016 National Sculpture Symposium, limestone, Mishurin Rih, (Ukraine)

  • 2015 sculpture and speleological expedition Cave - Museum "Optimistic" Project ZURSGS, Borschiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine) 

  • 2015 guest artist Bildhauersymposion des Skulpturen Rheinland-Pfalz e. V., Schweinstal bei Krickenbach (Germany) 

  • 2015 archaeological drawings of Ancient Greece common Expedition IA NASU and the State Hermitage Museum, i.Berezan Mykolaiv region (Ukraine) 

  • 2015 International Student Sculpture Workshop on design stone Eugeniusz Geppert Acaemy of Art and Design in Wroclaw / firm Granex / city Strzegom, Strzegom (Poland) 


  • 2019 The Curator of exhibition of Young Sculpture. "ВМОзСК" Dnipro. (Ukraine)

  • 2018 UCU Annual Charity Evening and Quiet Auction in Kyiv

  • 2018  Exhibition "Breath of Fire" Kyiv. (Ukraine)

  • 2018 The Curator of exhibition 'inSTANt', Dniepro (Ukraine)

  • 2016 The Curator of a student exhibition 'POZA', Lviv (Ukraine)

  • 2015 Exhibition of sculptural works at the stand Granex, Autumn Stone Industry Fair KAMIEN, Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw (Poland)

  • 2015 Exhibition of sculptural works of the Polish period at the Ukrainian Museum of Painting, Dnipro (Ukraine)

  • 2015 Erasmus students exhibition in Eugeniusz Geppert Acaemy of Art and Design, Wroclaw (Poland)

  • 2015 an Exhibition after a Sculpture workshop during the Festival of Granite, Strzegom (Poland)

  • 2015 a media art object in the contemporary project "Integration", Lviv National Art Gallery (Ukraine)

  • 2014 a project "Motive and Motivation" at the exhibition "Camera" in the National Museum-memorial "Prison on Lontskoho", Lviv (Ukraine)